The UNBNK Protocol

UNBNK (pronounced Unbanked) is a DeFi Liquidity Protocol designed for connecting peer to peer lenders and borrowers. The UNBNK Liquidity Protocol provides a platform allowing borrowers to pledge certain assets, including NFT and digital tokens or coins, in borrowing money from private individual lenders.

A decentralized protocol and the backbone of the non-custodial marketplace of lending, borrowing, and swapping between users of the protocol.

A DeFi liquidity protocol

Designed for earning interest on loans and borrowing against assets like NFTs

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Non-custodial marketplace of lending, borrowing, and swapping. UNBNK does not hold or retain any custody of loan funds or any pledged collateral nor does UNBNK determine whether a loan is approved.

Support for Many Crypto Assets and NFTs

UNBNK supports assets like ETH, USDC, wrapped assets like wBTC, and a variety of NFTs

Next Generation Global Financial Community

A global community building a powerful network of interchangeable assets blending DeFi and CeFi

Introducing the UNBNK Protocol

We enable anyone, anywhere to gain on-chain exposure to a range of assets either liquid or illiquid. Users can utilize the protocol in a traditional lending/borrowing model facilitated by smart contracts to leverage digital assets as collateral to borrow funds from other users of the Protocol. The UNBNK Protocol can also assist users to collateralize traditional CeFi products like debit cards.

With UNBNK, a global ecosystem of independent borrowers and lenders can come together to get loans or earn interest on assets they already own or are able to pledge as collateral for a loan. No financial institution is needed! Our peer-to-peer marketplace provides an avenue that allows borrowers and lenders to come together and participate in a new financial revolution.

The UNBNK protocol support assets like ETH, USDC, wrapped assets like wBTC, and a variety of NFTs from curated sources. We currently only allow white-listed sources to ensure quality and will be expanding over time.

How It Works

The UNBNK digital asset is at the core of all transactions made on the UNBNK protocol.

Crypto Assets
Cryptocurrency assets like ETH, USDC, wBTC, and UNBNK can be swapped easily with our platform. Similar to how Uniswap operates you can participate in liquidity pools. The UNBNK protocol incentivizes users to add liquidity to trading pools by rewarding providers with the fees generated when other users trade with those pools. The fee is 0.3% of the trade and shared by all participants in the pool, relative to how much liquidity is provided by the individual user.

NOTE: Banker NFT Holders – If you are one of the 10,000 holders of a Banker NFT, then you pay 0 fees to the UNBNK protocol for trading. Please make sure your Banker NFT is held in the same wallet which you have connected for trading. Blockchain network fees still apply.

NFT Assets
When a loan is issued against the NFT, the borrower repays the capital at the terms specified and the interest in UNBNK. For example, if a $10,000 loan is issued at 8% APR, then on repayment, the lender receives $10,000 in their selected crypto asset and $800 in UNBNK. The UNBNK protocol receives $30 of the repaid $10,000, which is used to buy additional UNBNK.

NOTE: Banker NFT Holders – If you are one of the 10,000 holders of a Banker NFT, then you pay 0 fees to the UNBNK protocol against NFT lending and borrowing. Please make sure your Banker NFT is held in the same wallet which you have connected for lending and borrowing. Blockchain network fees still apply.

Building a connected DeFi ecosystem

Lenders are able to earn interest by contributing digital assets into specially created liquidity pools. Borrowers can then use their crypto or digital assets as collateral to take out a flash loan using this liquidity.

Borrowers: Use your NFTs as collateral so anyone can offer you a loan.  After reviewing the loan terms you have the option to accept.  ETH gets paid out from the lender’s wallet to your wallet and your NFT gets locked in a UNBNK smart contract.  When you repay the loan based on the terms, your NFT will be transferred back to you. If you don’t repay and meet the terms before the due date, then the NFT will be transferred to the lender.

Borrowers can decide to take loans in ETH, UNBNK, USDC, or wBTC. All terms are agreed to between you and the lender, the Protocol does not set or provide the terms and Borrowers and Lenders are solely responsible for proposal and acceptance of the terms. NFT can be used as collateral or you can also put up crypto as collateral – such as ETH as collateral in return for a USDC loan. The interest on your loan needs to be repaid in UNBNK.

Lenders: Generate returns by offering loans to your peers! View the UNBNK marketplace and find NFTs you like and then offer a loan for the NFT or Crypto asset you like. If the borrower defaults, you get the asset. Small, short-term loans to other people can offer attractive returns. The borrower will repay the loan at the terms you decide and as agreed to by the borrower. The interest on the loan is paid in UNBNK. For example, if you make a $10,000 loan at 8% APR, then you will receive back $10,000 in ETH and $800 in UNBNK.  

Applications in CeFi

The UNBNK asset can also be used on traditional CeFi products like debit cards, including the debit card and bank account.

Debit Card – UNBNK can be used at by depositing it in your dashboard.  Unbanked offers debit cards in various geographies around the world.   Like other centralized systems, this requires you to pass KYC.   Your spendable value on the debit card remains in UNBNK up until the point of sale.  You are subject to the terms and conditions of the financial institution issuing the card as well as the card network being used. You can also earn up to 6.38% back on all card spend by participating in the UNBNK staking program.

Bank Accounts – UNBNK can be purchased at by signing up for a bank account within the Unbanked dashboard.  The bank accounts are available for residents in over 200 countries and territories.  Like other centralized systems, this requires you to pass KYC.   Once your funds are wired into the Unbanked platform, you can purchase UNBNK and then have that purchase settle directly into your decentralized wallet.  Your keys, your crypto.

UNBNK Community and Partners

A global community focused on building a powerful network of interchangeable assets. Be a part of our global community fostering discussion and access to next-generation financial assets – blending DeFi and CeFi.

UNBNK Community


UNBNK Asset Economics

The maximum supply of UNBNK is 1 billion and will operate natively on either the Ethereum or Stellar blockchain. UNBNK holders are able to swap UNBNK to another blockchain using their dashboard at The Unbanked dashboard provides a centralized swap option to move from UNBNK Stellar to UNBNK Ethereum or vice-versa. Simply deposit the asset you have and then withdraw on the blockchain of your choice.

UNBNK was formerly known as TERN and native only to the Stellar blockchain. Existing TERN holders will be allowed a one-time swap of TERN to UNBNK at a 1:1 exchange ratio. Once swapped to UNBNK, you cannot swap back to TERN. You can exchange your UNBNK to the Stellar or Ethereum blockchain at any time.

UNBNK is developed by Unbanked, a proven team that has been operating in the crypto space for over 3 years.

We are a passionate team with backgrounds in business,
security, engineering, and design.